Latest News » Study: Vitamin D may help manage pain and depression for diabetics

Vitamin D may help women with diabetes who experience pain and depression.

Now that winter is here, many people can expect to experience deficiencies in vitamin D. This nutrient, known as the sunshine vitamin, can be derived from sunlight, but is notoriously difficult to find in food. Vitamin D has been linked to brain health – specifically as a mood elevator – and also helps the body absorb calcium. In addition, researchers have recently discovered that it may also provide pain relief for women who are battling diabetes and depression.

Previously on this blog, we mentioned that more than 25 million Americans are living with diabetes. Many of these individuals – particularly women – also experience depression as a result of their metabolic disorder. Past research has linked these joint diagnoses with chronic pain. In the new study, scientists from Loyola University Chicago sought to determine if vitamin D supplements could help counter these overlapping issues.

“Pain is a common and often serious problem for women with type 2 diabetes and depression. While further research is needed, [vitamin D] supplementation is a promising treatment for both pain and depression in type 2 diabetes,” said lead author Todd Doyle, Ph.D., in a university press release.

The research team concluded this after observing that women who took vitamin D supplements over the course of six months reported improvement in their depressive symptoms and reduced instances of burning and shooting pains they had experienced previously.

As the days grow shorter, many people may turn to dietary supplements to meet their daily recommended intake of vitamin D. If you suffer from diabetes 2 and depression, consult your physician before making drastic changes to your diet or introducing new supplements. Click to read information about our vitamins and multivitamins.