Latest News » Enjoy a healthy Thanksgiving with these tips

Happy Thanksgiving from Nutrivene.

Thanksgiving is finally here, and countless households are preparing to feast on turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes and more. However, as heartwarming as this holiday may be, there are a fair few people who approach it with a bit of trepidation. If you are trying to restrict your caloric intake – particularly due to health concerns – Turkey Day presents an incredible degree of temptation that can make even the most disciplined dieters start to waver. However, all is not lost, as there are quite a few tips to employ so you can still enjoy the flavors of this holiday without giving in to overindulgence.

Don't skip meals

The idea behind skipping out on breakfast and lunch is that your Thanksgiving feast will account for all of the calories you consume for the day. However, fasting before the main event generally means you are more likely to go overboard when the turkey arrives. Given that so many Thanksgiving staples are high in sodium, fat and sugar, it is often best to seek out healthy, filling foods like oatmeal earlier in the day when you have a bit more control over the contents. This will also get your metabolism all fired up for the main meal.

Take it slow

There is so much to enjoy about this holiday, so there is no need to shovel down each mouthful. Instead, take the time to laugh and joke with friends and family between bites. Be sure to give every bite your undivided attention. Many of these dishes only seem to crop up once a year, so don't let a single flavor go unappreciated.

And above all else, enjoy yourself! This isn't the time for self-chastising. Just do your best to eat responsibly, and don't assume that all is lost if you help yourself to a second piece of pie.