Latest News » Study: This activity could provide brain support for people with MS

Aerobic exercises may provide memory support for people with MS.

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is a complex condition that affects that central nervous system and affects millions of people across the United States in its various forms. Depending on the type of MS – whether it is relapsing and remitting or primary progressive, for example – individuals with this disorder can experience debilitating pain, cognitive decline and other harrowing symptoms.

As a press release from the Kessler Foundation recently noted, one common mental issue that as many as 50 percent of people with MS experience is memory loss. We've discussed this topic frequently on this blog, largely in relation to Alzheimer's disease, but thus far there has been relatively little research regarding memory support and MS. However, researchers at the Kessler Foundation have made a breakthrough that could well influence how physicians, physical therapists and other healthcare professionals approach this problem.

It has been widely documented that regular aerobic exercise can help promote brain health by warding off age-related cognitive decline. Now, the source states that taking part in such activities may also provide memory support for people with MS.

"Aerobic exercise may be the first effective treatment for MS patients with memory problems. Moreover, aerobic exercise has the advantages of being readily available, low cost, self-administered, and lacking in side effects," said Dr. Victoria Leavitt, lead author and research scientist at the Kessler Foundation.

The researchers did not observe the same cognitive benefits among participants who took part in non-aerobic exercise, leading them to conclude that aerobic-specific routines may eventually be incorporated into future treatments.

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