Latest News » Study sheds light on pros and cons of calcium supplements

We know that calcium builds strong bones, but does it matter how you take it?

We all know that calcium is essential for strong, healthy bones, but recent years have seen all manner of conflicting reports about whether this mineral enacts the same skeleton-boosting results when taken in supplement form. One of the most damning pieces of research indicated that consuming these supplements may be linked to greater risk of heart issues later on. However, a new investigation into the possible benefits and drawbacks of this form of calcium has disputed such claims.

"If it is not possible to consume enough calcium from the diet, the use of calcium supplements is most likely safe and not associated with cardiovascular outcomes," said Dr. Douglas Bauer of the University of California at San Francisco in a press release.

Calcium supplements, in general, are primarily recommended for men and women fall short of their daily recommended intake of this mineral. Older individuals – especially post-menopausal women – are particularly at risk for health concerns like osteoporosis, which can lead to an increased likelihood of bone fractures and other injuries that they may not be able to bounce back from as easily. Keep in mind, however, that taking a daily multivitamin is no substitute for a well-balanced diet. Bauer stressed this point, and cited bok choy and kale as two leafy greens that contain high stores of this mineral and can be an excellent option for people who are wary of dairy products.

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