Latest News » New diagnostic test for Alzheimer’s could be boon for brain health

Peanut butter may shed light on brain health.

One of the greatest threats to brain health today is Alzheimer's disease, a degenerative condition characterized by substantial memory loss that affects one in eight older Americans. We've covered research into this ailment, its root causes and the potential application of curcumin supplements in current treatment methods. Though there is no cure for Alzheimer's disease as of yet, scientists are coming to learn more about the mechanisms behind it, and a new study has indicated a simple and potentially effective way to catch this disorder in its early stages.

According to a press release from the University of Florida, researchers have found that a basic test involving peanut butter and a ruler could be key to increasing rates of early detection. This can substantially aid in helping people with Alzheimer's disease enjoy more prolonged brain health, as memory support techniques can be employed before too damage cognitive damage has taken place.

"The ability to smell is associated with the first cranial nerve and is often one of the first things to be affected in cognitive decline," the source states. "The scientists found that patients in the early stages of Alzheimer's disease had a dramatic difference in detecting odor between the left and right nostril," the press release states.

Graduate student Jennifer Stamps had the idea to use peanut butter to test smell because she explained that it was "a pure odorant" that was accessible and cost-effective.

Time will tell how this discovery may affect brain health diagnoses and treatment. In the meantime, there are various nutrients you can seek out to help provide memory support overall. Click here to read information about our brain support supplements.