Latest News » Vitamin D may be bone strength boon for young girls

Teen girls may benefit most from Vitamin D supplements

Though vitamin D benefits our overall health in many ways, it is probably best known for its role in bone support. This compound – which though elusive in food can be derived from direct sunlight – enables the body to process calcium and therefore contributes to skeletal strength. However, we all process these nutrients differently, and a recent study has indicated that this may influence how boys and girls ultimately benefit from vitamin D.

According to a study abstract published by Bone, a medical journal, an international team for researchers sought to determine how vitamin D affected bone geometry and strength in the hip. The team recruited 167 adolescent females and 171 males to take part in the study. The researchers conducted an initial structural analysis of their hips, then administered vitamin D supplements to select groups from both genders over the course of a year. At the conclusion of the study, another structural analysis was formed.

The scientists reportedly observed that female participants in particular displayed notable enhancements in bone geometry, but the males did not exhibit this benefit.

"Vitamin D supplementation improved bone mass and several […] structural bone parameters, in adolescent girls, but not boys," the researchers concluded. "This occurred at a critical site, the femoral neck, and if maintained through adulthood could improve bone strength and lower the risk of hip fractures."

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