Latest News » Potential health benefit of orange juice explored

Is orange juice a part of your morning routine?

Is a cool, crisp glass of orange juice a part of your morning routine? If so, you’re in good company. Countless of Americans enjoy this drink on a daily basis, and sales of the not-from-concentrate variety have seen a healthy boost in recent years, according to the Ledger, a Florida news outlet.

One of the biggest health benefits attributed to this drink is its potential immune-boosting ability, thanks to its high vitamin C content. Who doesn’t ply themselves with this beverage when they first detect a case of the sniffles? Now, researchers have published a review regarding another possible advantage to OJ consumption: Cancer prevention.

In a press release distributed by ScienceDaily, “Orange Juice and Cancer Chemoprevention” details existing research on orange juice and its effect various forms of cancer. Past studies have indicated that drinking orange juice while pregnant, for example, has been linked to a reduce risk of leukemia among infants.

The researchers note, however, that these documented benefits are widely variable. “Biological effects of orange juice in vitro are largely influenced by the juice’s composition, which is dependent on physiological conditions of the oranges such as climate, soil, fruit maturation and storage methods post-harvest,” the source states.

In addition, many orange juice options available at the grocery store are overly processed and brimming with sugar, which may end up countering the potential benefits of this beverage. If you do decide to imbibe orange juice regularly, pay close attention to the nutrition labels before committing to any store-bought brand.

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