Latest News » Omega-3 may counter impact of alcohol on brain health

Omega-3 supplements may promote brain health against alcohol abuse.

Millions of older Americans suffer from some form of dementia, with Alzheimer's disease ranking as the most prevalent type. But, while the exact cause of this cognitive degeneration is still under investigation, in many cases, there are certain lifestyle factors that can accelerate the rate of decline. Abusing alcohol earlier in life has been shown to contribute to impaired brain health later on. However, a new study has found that an established memory enhancer may be able to mitigate these effects.

According to a press release, scientists from Loyola University in Illinois have discovered that omega-3 fatty acids might have the ability to reduce dementia risk among individuals who consistently abuse alcohol.

"Alcohol in moderate amounts stresses cells and thus toughens them up to cope with major stresses down the road that could cause dementia. But too much alcohol overwhelms the cells, leading to inflammation and cell death," the source states. 

Using an animal model, the researchers found that omega-3 supplements may protect brain cells from excessive alcohol exposure by blocking the inflammatory response. Lead author Michael Collins, PhD, noted, though, that this discovery should not be interpreted as license to abuse alcohol provided that you take fish oil supplements. Ultimately, Collins argued that the most effective way of protecting brain health is to drink in moderation or forgo alcohol altogether. 

In addition, taking part in regular exercise and seeking out food and supplements that provide brain support may help boost your cognitive ability as the years go on. Click here to read about our brain support supplements.