Latest News » Memory support may depend on this brain protein, study shows

Alzheimer's disease isn't the only condition that affects memory support.

Many people experience memory loss as they age, whether it's an occasional lapse or a more prolonged problem. One of the greatest medical challenges facing older adults and the physicians who treat them is Alzheimer's disease, which currently affects one in eight senior citizens in America. 

We've reported on various studies regarding the potential benefits of curcumin, vitamin D and other natural compounds for the treatment and prevention of this condition. However, not all instances of memory loss are linked to Alzheimer's disease, and researchers from Columbia University have recently made a breakthrough in age-related cognitive decline.

According to a press release issued on August 28, scientists have discovered a specific protein that can play a substantial role in memory support and brain health. When levels of the protein RbAp48 naturally level off over time, an individual's ability to recollect past events was also shown to decline, leading researchers to hypothesize that this type of memory loss is not necessarily inevitable.

"Our study provides compelling evidence that age-related memory loss is a syndrome in its own right, apart from Alzheimer's. In addition to the implications for the study, diagnosis, and treatment of memory disorders, these results have public health consequences," lead author and professor Dr. Eric Kandel said of the results.

This revelation could lead to a whole new approach to age-related memory loss both in terms of ongoing research and possible intervention methods. In the meantime, click here to read more information about our brain support supplements.