Latest News » Curcumin could aid hepatitis-C treatments

A German study has suggested that curcumin helps stop the spread of hepatitis C in liver cells.

A brand-new scientific breakthrough which has yet to be reported in American-language news sources suggests that curcumin, the active nutrient in the spice turmeric, prevents Hepatitis C viruses from entering liver cells. This groundbreaking discovery represents a huge paradigm shift in liver disease treatments, given the fact that until now, no other process prevented Hepatitis C from infiltrating and degrading the liver.

According to DocCheck News, a German online industry media site, the Institute of Experimental Virology in Hanover, Germany, led the worldwide study. Scientists grew Hepatitis C cultures and utilized a special compounded form of curcumin to see how the viruses would react. The effect was almost immediate: The Hepatitis C could not get past the liver cells' enhanced defenses.

Eike Steinmann, the principal investigator on the project, said the discovery could prevent thousands of liver transplants a year. As transplantations can cost thousands of dollars both initially and long-term, the use of curcumin to battle liver disease represents a big step forward for treating and, hopefully one day, curing the condition.

"The Hepatitis C virus is specialized in liver cells, and chronic liver infection with HCV is now the leading cause of liver transplants," Steinmann said in a statement translated by Google. "To prevent this re-infection and thus to protect the new organ before the infection is a major clinical challenge."

Steinmann went on to say that more research is needed. However, the developments point squarely to the fact that curcumin is quickly occupying a greater role in modern medicine.

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