Latest News » Researchers explore benefits of curcumin for brain health post-injury

Curcumin supplements may help reduce the effects of a head injury.

Curcumin, the bioactive ingredient, has been touted for its medicinal properties in various parts of the world for generations. In recent years, it has also enjoyed considerable attention by medical researchers, and has even been tapped as a potential supplementary treatment for Alzheimer's disease, breast cancer, rheumatoid arthritis and other serious conditions. Thanks to its demonstrated anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, there seems to be no end to what this golden-hued compound can do. Recently, researchers from the Mashhad University of Medical Sciences in Iran have unveiled yet another application for curcumin to promote brain health.

According to study abstract available on PubMed, scientists used an animal model to gauge whether curcumin could be used to mitigate the neurological damage caused by a traumatic brain injury. The researchers administered curcumin to a group of rats before they sustained a head injury, and found that doing so led to small lesions within the brains and lower levels of certain chemicals associated with trauma and cognitive damage.

"Curcumin treatment significant improved the neurological status evaluated during [two] weeks after brain injury. The study demonstrates the protective efficacy of curcumin in rat traumatic brain injury model," the researchers concluded.

Past studies have indicated that the benefits of curcumin are both protective and reactive, as this compound has been shown both the reduce the likelihood of developing certain medical conditions and facilitate healing in the face of physical or mental trauma. In addition, taking curcumin supplements has been linked to improved overall health among middle-aged individuals. Click here to read more information about Nutrivene Longvida Curcumin.