Latest News » When should you start thinking about bone health?

It's never too soon to think about bone health.

Previously on this blog, we've reviewed many of the natural compounds that can support bone strength, including vitamin D and calcium. Earlier this year, we also covered a study indicating that a Mediterranean diet rich in olive oil could also benefit your skeletal structure by increasing the amount of the bone-building protein osteocalcin in your bloodstream. But when exactly should men and women start thinking about bone health? According to a recent piece from The New York Times, the sooner the better.

For many people, bone health becomes a concern later in life, sometimes only after the initial aches and creaks of arthritis begin to set in. However, the source notes that for the sake of future mobility, Americans should invest in joint support supplements and other bone-strengthening measures much earlier.

"Researchers who study bone health say concern about the strength of one's bones should start in childhood and continue through adolescence, when the body builds most of the bone that must sustain it for the remaining years of life," the news outlet states. 

The peak ages for bone development are roughly 12 years old for girls and 14 for boys. At this stage, individuals develop about 26 percent of their bone mass – which NYT states is roughly the amount the lose when they reach retirement age.

Bone loss increases the risk of suffering fractures and other injuries later in life, and is also associated with the progressive bone disease osteoporosis. The International Osteoporosis Foundation estimates that one in three women and one in five men worldwide will be diagnosed with this condition in their lifetime. Though addressing bone health at an early age can help reduce this risk of such ailments, studies have also shown that taking vitamin D and calcium supplements can even reap benefits for skeletal strength post-menopause.

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