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Curcumin may help manage depression linked to chronic stress.

Thanks in part to the widespread use of smartphones and other devices that keep Americans connected at all times, it is harder than ever to draw clear lines between personal and professional life. This could well play a role in the heightened levels of stress documented in recent years.

Ample research has shown that the constant influx of cortisol that characterizes stress can wreak havoc on physical and brain health. However, a recent study has indicated that curcumin supplement may help counter one aspect of this reaction.

According to a study abstract available on PubMed, researchers from the Shandong University School of Medicine in China have discovered that curcumin may have an antidepressant effect on subjects suffering from chronic mild stress. This, the scientists projected, could be related to the natural compound's demonstrated anti-inflammatory abilities.

"Mounting evidence suggests that inflammation may contribute to the pathophysiology of depression. Curcumin, a polyphenol extracted from the plant curcuma longa, exhibits a number of pharmacological properties, including potent anti-inflammatory action," the abstract states.

Scientists explored this possibility by observing the effects of curcumin on animals that exhibited "depressive-like behavior" after developing chronic mild stress. They ultimately found that administering curcumin to stressed rats could "reverse the behavioral abnormalities" they displayed.

This isn't the first time that curcumin has been considered as a potential antidepressant. Previously on this blog, we covered a review by a team of Indian researchers that analyzed the neuroprotective capabilities of the compound.

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