Latest News » Children may reap benefits of this brain enhancer years later, study shows

Children who drink DHA-enhanced formula as infants see brain health benefits later on.

As we've reviewed extensively on this blog, it is especially vital for expectant mothers to incorporate a wide array of vitamins and nutrients in their diet throughout their pregnancy, as these compounds have a direct effect on their child's physical and cognitive development. In addition, the nutrients these infants take in within the first few months of life can also serve as a building block for their future growth.

Recently, a study conducted at the University of Kansas indicated that one established brain enhancer in particular can have substantial benefits for children who consumed it regularly during their infancy.

According to an official abstract published by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, a small clinical trial has revealed that infants who are given formula that has been supplemented with omega-3 fatty acids may exhibit notable brain health advancements as 3 and 5 years olds, even if these strides aren't apparent at 18 months old.

"The data from this relatively small trial suggest that, although the effects of [long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acid intake] may not always be evident on standardized developmental tasks at 18 mo, significant effects may emerge later on more specific or fine-grained tasks," the source states.

Further research is required to determine if these results remain consistent, but mothers may still be interested in this form of supplementation for their child's overall brain health.

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