Latest News » Study shows benefits of Sunshine vitamin for heart health

Soaking up more sun and taking vitamin D supplements may help protect your heart.

Recently on this blog, we focused on the importance of vitamin D with regard to bone support, as this compound facilitates the effective absorption of calcium. However, this is just one of many benefits that the sunshine vitamin boasts. According to a new British study, this nutrient could also play a vital role in slashing heart disease risk and reducing high blood pressure.

British media outlets including the Daily Mail and Express covered the research, which was led by Dr. Vimal Karani of University College in London. The scientists reviewed data from 35 genetic studies that covered more than 155,000 participants throughout Europe in order to shed light on the relationship between vitamin D intake and high blood pressure.

Based on this review, Dr. Karani and his associates observed a strong correlation between higher amounts of vitamin D and lower blood pressure results overall.

“Our study strongly suggests that some cases of cardiovascular disease could be prevented through vitamin D supplements or food fortification,” said Dr. Karani.

Though it can be derived from sunlight, vitamin D is not found in many foods, and can therefore be elusive – particularly for people who don’t live in tropical areas.

Based on estimates from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a third of adult Americans currently suffer from high blood pressure. This condition increases the risk of serious medical concerns such as diabetes, heart disease and stroke.

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