Latest News » Timing may be everything with bone support supplements

The time you take your bone support supplements may affect their impact.

Though every vitamin and mineral has its function, these nutrients are typically the most effective when consumed in conjunction, as many of their benefits overlap and actually play off of one another. For example, calcium is well known to provide bone support, but vitamin D plays a vital role in ensuring that the mineral is properly absorbed. Now, researchers have found that yet another factor could impact how well the body is able to put these nutrients to use: timing.

According to a press release from The Endocrine Society, scientists from the University of Colorado recently presented findings about how the time a bone support supplement is taken can affect the impact of strenuous exercise on the skeleton at the association's annual meeting in San Francisco.

In contrast to taking calcium and vitamin D supplements after an intense session at the gym, the scientists found that a group of men who consumed the nutrients before a workout were better able to maintain levels of calcium in their blood throughout the exercise.

"The timing of calcium supplementation, and not just the amount of supplementation, may be an important factor in how the skeleton adapts to exercise training," lead author and postdoctoral research fellow Vanessa Sherk, PhD, said of the findings.

Sherk noted that further research is necessary to determine how this observed difference in calcium levels affects bone density in general, but this study does indicate that individuals who engage in vigorous activity could benefit from taking such supplements beforehand.

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