Latest News » Study shows link between probiotics and vitamin D levels

These gut-healthy bacteria could boost our vitamin D absorption this summer.

Probiotics and vitamin D are both known to promote overall health in myriad ways. The former has been shown to facilitate digestion, thereby enabling the body to absorb other essential nutrients. The latter, in its various forms, can boost bone strength, support the immune system and even act as a brain enhancer. Now, a new study from McGill University in Montreal has indicated that these two compounds may also have an interesting and ultimately beneficial relationship.

As reported by NutraIngredients-USA, scientists recruited 127 healthy adults with elevated levels for the project. Over the course of nine weeks, a selection of the participants received probiotic supplements on a daily basis while the other did not. The researchers hypothesized that the gut-healthy bacteria would potentially facilitate the absorption of various vitamins including A, D and E by blocking that of a certain cholesterol called sterol.

The results of the study, however, indicated that consuming probiotic supplements substantially affected the intake of just one nutrient: Vitamin D. Overall, the researchers observed that participants that were given the pill saw a 25 percent increase in levels of the sunshine vitamin in their bloodstream.

While it can be derived from direct sunlight, vitamin D proves elusive for many people because it is not found in many foods. As such, individuals who don’t live in temperate or tropical climates may not be taking in as much of this essential vitamin as they need.

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