Latest News » This natural compound may promote heart health for overweight individuals

A natural compound found in red grapes could boost heart health for overweight individuals.

One of primary reasons that medical practitioners and international legislators are working to combat the rise in obesity rates around the world is that carrying too much weight can put an individual at risk for several serious health concerns, including heart disease and diabetes. Excess cholesterol can cause blockages in blood vessels that may increase blood pressure and potentially lead to cardiac arrest or stroke. As such, concentrating on well-balanced meals in appropriate proportions – and exercising regularly – can help offset such medical issues.

In addition, scientists from the University of South Australia have found that a certain natural compound may be able to counteract the cardiac-related dangers associated with obesity. According to a study abstract available on PubMed, resveratrol – an antioxidant found in red grapes and wine – can potentially help obese adults protect their hearts by facilitating a healthy circulatory system.

“We have previously demonstrated acute dose-dependent increases of flow-mediated dilatation (FMD) in the brachial artery after resveratrol consumption in mildly hypertensive, overweight/obese adults.” the researchers noted. “Resveratrol supplementation has also been shown to increase cerebral blood flow acutely, without affecting cognition.”

To further explore the benefits of resveratrol for heart and brain health among overweight adults, the scientists observed the effects of consuming a daily supplement on a group of obese study participants over a six week period. They found that people who took this compound saw improvements in their circulation, indicating that resveratrol could help potentially help obese individuals avoid certain health problems.

Resveratrol is not the only natural compound with such protective qualities. Curcumin, the bioactive in turmeric, has also been shown to facilitate healthy blood flow, and a 2012 study revealed it could be as beneficial as exercise for the heart. Click here to read information about Nutrivene Longvida Curcumin.