Latest News » This brain enhancer may combat asthmatic outbreaks after workout

This brain enhancer may help ward of asthma attacks post exercise.

Anyone living with asthma can testify that this respiratory condition may be agitated by almost anything – be it common allergens like pollen or too much physical exertion. Many people rely on inhalers to manage their symptoms, which include coughing fits that make it difficult to fully take in air. However, new research has revealed that a well-known brain enhancer may be able to counter these attacks as well, and could even reduce the need for more powerful medications.

According to a press release from ScienceDaily, researchers from Indiana University have discovered that an omega-3 fatty acid supplement derived from a specific mussel found off the coast of New Zealand could potentially provide relief for people with asthma who experience airway restriction and inflammation after physical exercise. This ability, in turn, could mean that these individuals don’t have to turn to emergency medication to address these instances.

“Not only does [the supplement] reduce symptoms, which will make you feel better, but it potentially could improve athletic performance [and] any time you can reduce medication is good,” said university professor and study author Timothy Mickleborough.

The source states that 90 percent of people with asthma experience exercise-induced attacks that are characterized by inflammation that tightens their airway. They may also start to cough, notice constriction in their chest and feel fatigued.

One of the best ways to combat any condition is to provide your body with the nutrition it needs to function. As well as providing memory support, omega-3 fatty acids are known to promote a healthy immune system, and can even act as mood boosters.

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