Latest News » Omega-3’s may help heart by protecting brain health, study shows

This brain enhancer may protect your heart as well.

Given that heart disease is one of the greatest and most widespread issues facing older Americans today – and is consistently ranked as the leading cause of death in the nation – healthcare professionals and legislators alike have strived to educate the general public about this medical issue and how they can prevent it. Omega-3 fatty acids, which can be derived from seafood and various produce, have long been associated with a healthy heart, though the reason behind this correlation has remained unclear.

New research on brain enhancer provides clarity

According to a recent study led by Michigan Technological University scientists, this connection could be due to the compound's brain support abilities. A press release from the American Physiological Association states that 67 adults were recruited to take part in the project. The researchers conducted tests to establish details about blood pressure and flow when the participants were at rest and under some degree of stress. They then asked one group of individuals to take daily fish oil supplements for eight weeks, while another received a placebo.

Results show brain protection equals heart protection

After the eight-week period, researchers conducted the same tests and found that people who consumed fish oil did not experience the same changes in blood flow and pressure in the face of mental stress.

"The data support and extend the growing evidence that fish oil may have positive health benefits regarding neural cardiovascular control in humans and suggest important physiological interactions between fish oil and psychological stress that may contribute to disease etiology," the authors concluded.

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