Latest News » These brain enhancers may prevent mental impairment in the elderly

These brain enhancers may protect people with mild cognitive impairments.

As the elderly population is set to expand to unprecedented levels in the next few years, the issue of caring for these individuals – particularly those with neurodegenerative conditions like dementia – is one that healthcare professionals and national governments will have to address in earnest. Medical researchers have sought to mitigate this challenge by better understanding the causes for common conditions like Alzheimer's disease and introducing new medications and natural compounds – including curcumin supplements – to existing treatments.

A recent Malaysian study has revealed a new breakthrough in this field. reports that scientists have found that omega-3 fatty acids – already known to provide memory support and act as brain enhancers – may actively combat the severity of neurodegenerative issues among elderly people with mild cognitive impairment (MCI).

As the source notes, minor lapses in memory, decision-making and other cognitive functions – while a fairly common aspect of the aging process – are also a potential precursor to more substantial decline. The ability to address this issue before it progresses could prove invaluable in the coming years.

This study revealed that individuals who already began to exhibit these symptoms may benefit from taking omega-3 supplements, as they were shown to reduce the amount of oxidative stress that occurred in the participants' brains.

"Greater lipid peroxidation occurs among MCI patients, and it is possible that oxidative imbalances precede cognitive deterioration in elderly individuals. Higher DHA and EPA intakes reduce LPO levels among the elderly MCI patients," the study abstract states.

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