Latest News » Scientists make new breakthrough in cancer treatment

Curcumin supplements have been shown to prevent the spread of cancer cells.

Cancer is a major medical concern that affects millions of people worldwide in its various forms. Although awareness campaigns and improved treatment methods have meant that more people identify and seek medical attention for this issue early on, it still remains a specter for many.

Recently, though, researchers from Stanford University made a discovery that could render such a diagnosis less daunting in the future. According to reports, scientists led by pathology professor Dr. Irving Weissman have identified a cellular marker known as CD47 that is present in all cancerous tumors, and may be responsible for their resilience against the body’s immune system.

Dr. Weissman explains that CD47 is a surface marker that essentially protects cancerous tumors by sending out a “do not eat me” message to macrophages and other immune cells. In past animal models, Dr. Weissman’s team has found that targeting this marker directly could allow the body’s natural defense system to combat cancer cells more effectively, shrinking existing tumors and preventing the disease from spreading internally. The researchers recently announced that they will soon be holding the first human clinical trials to test this theory.

Certain natural compounds also shown to combat the spread of cancer. As we reviewed in a recent post, scientists from the University of Maryland discovered that a protein derived from fish could prevent certain malignant cells from spreading to other organs. In addition, ample research has revealed that curcumin supplements can potentially prevent prostate and breast cancer cells from becoming metastatic.

Curcumin – which is the bioactive ingredient in turmeric – has been a dietary staple in various parts of the world for generations. Ongoing studies regarding its anti-inflammatory and immune-boosting abilities have also led to its increased popularity across the United States.

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