Latest News » How curcumin supplements could encourage healthy healing

Curcumin supplements may help manage sprains and strains.

Though studies have shown that taking curcumin supplements on a daily basis can enhance your overall health, acting as a natural brain enhancer that can reduce the risk of developing various ailments, this compound may also come in handy in response to an acute injury. According to the online medical reference guide compiled by the University of Maryland Medical Center (UMMC), curcumin supplements may facilitate the healthy healing of bone sprains.

Curcumin – the active ingredient in turmeric – has demonstrated anti-inflammatory abilities. As such, the source states that taking curcumin supplements upon suffering such an injury may help reduce the swelling. As we noted in a previous post, this natural immune reaction, while intended to protect healthy tissue from toxic matter and disease – can sometimes worsen certain ailments, so seeking out compounds that can keep this response in check could be beneficial in many different medical contexts.

In addition, UMMC notes that curcumin supplements can also enhance the effectiveness of other natural anti-inflammatories, including an enzyme derived from pineapple called bromelain.

The Mother Nature Network – an online media outlet devoted to healthy living – touts this particular benefit of curcumin as well, explaining that applying a turmeric-based paste to the affected area can also help manage pain and swelling. The website warns, however, that doing so can leave a temporary yellow stain on the skin.

However, given the other documented benefits of curcumin supplements – from inhibiting the spread of cancer cells to potentially slowing the onset of Alzheimer's disease – taking this compound orally to help treat a sprain could provide more wide-sweeping relief. But, before you start taking this supplement, be sure to consult a physician or nutritionist to ensure it doesn't react with other treatment methods.

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