Latest News » This surprising habit may boost your concentration

Chewing gum may perform the same function as vitamins for concentration.

Whether you've found it increasingly hard to stay focused on a specific task as you've grown older, or have simply always had trouble tuning out distractions, this inability to concentrate can pose substantial challenges in professional and academic settings and even your day-to-day life. As such, learning more about vitamins for concentration and other natural remedies that can address this issue could have wide-ranging benefits.

Recently, researchers from Cardiff University in Wales have identified a new technique that may be able to help you stay focused. According to reports, the scientists conducted a study involving 38 participants who were split into two groups. Members from both divisions were asked to complete a task that tested their short-term memory and concentration. Each individual listened to an audio tape that listed off various numbers in a random order and was required to identify specific patterns within the sequence.

The only difference between the two groups was that participants from one division were chewing gum throughout the study.

"It's been well established by previous research that chewing gum can benefit some areas of cognition," said study author Kate Morgan, noting that this audio exam was intended "to see if chewing gum would improve concentration."

The researchers found that the people who were chewing gum while listening to the recording identified sequences faster and more accurately than those who were not, and that this advantage was particularly pronounced toward the end of the task. This led the scientists to conclude that chewing gum may be especially beneficial for maintaining concentration for extended periods – as with a task that calls for continuous monitoring and data-collecting.

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