Latest News » Study reveals the benefits of vitamin D supplements for muscles

Vitamin D may benefit muscle efficiency as well as brain health.

Vitamin D can be one of the most difficult nutrients to take in, particularly for individuals who don’t live in tropical climates. Though it can be derived from sunlight, this compound can’t be absorbed from foods, and, as a result, many people must turn to dietary supplements to ensure they’re getting enough of this vitamin. Ample research has shown that vitamin D deficiency has been linked to everything from brain health and Alzheimer’s risk to diabetes. In addition, because it facilitates the body’s absorption of calcium, vitamin D is also essential for healthy bone growth.

Recently, researchers from Newcastle University in the United Kingdom revealed that the nutrient often referred to as “the sunshine vitamin” may also affect how efficiently our muscles function. Their study, which was covered by ScienceDaily and presented at the annual Society for Endocrinology conference held in Northern England on March 18, suggests a lack of vitamin D may inhibit the process of energy production – particularly in muscle cells. This results in increased muscle fatigue – a common complaint in individuals who suffer from a vitamin deficiency.

“Patients with vitamin D deficiency often experience symptoms of muscle fatigue,” explained Clinical Research fellow and study author Dr. Akash Sinha. “Our findings in a small group of patients with very low vitamin D levels show that muscle efficiency significantly improves when vitamin D status is improved.”

Based on these findings, the researchers expressed the hope that vitamin D supplements may be able to enhance the stamina of athletes and address the muscle deterioration and “frailty” experienced by many senior citizens. Further investigation is necessary before these applications can be confirmed, though.

A lack of vitamin D has been linked to short- and long-term physical and psychological ailments that can have a notable impact on an individual’s quality of life. Click here for information about our vitamin supplements.