Latest News » Study reveals new benefit of DHA for mothers-to-be

Expecting a child? These brain enhancers may benefit your little one.

While everyone stands to benefit from including more vitamins and minerals in their daily diets, it is especially important that expectant mothers pay close attention to what they consume. During these all-important nine months, the foods you eat can have a direct effect on the physical and cognitive development of your child, and, as such, your healthcare practitioner will likely lay out a few dietary guidelines to follow and recommend various supplements.

Previously, we covered a study that showed how taking omega-3 fatty acid supplements during pregnancy may enhance brain health and even improve the IQ scores of your child later on. Now, new research has revealed yet another benefit of these compounds. According to scientists from the University of Kansas (KU), taking a daily dose of Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA) could reduce the chance of giving birth before the full 34-week gestation period and having a child with a low birth weight.

“A reduction in early preterm and very low birth weight delivery could have clear clinical and public health significance,” Dietetics and Nutrition Professor and study co-director Susan Carlson said in a KU press release.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention notes that babies with a birth weight below 5.5 pounds may be more susceptible to infection, and could face a greater risk of respiratory and gastrointestinal problems, among other concerns.

The results represent five years of data. During this time, the researchers monitored the health and development of children born to women who took DHA supplements from birth until 18 months. The source reports that they will continue to conduct regular assessments for the next five years to gauge the long-term effects of prenatal supplementation.

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