Latest News » Study shows this omega-3 fatty acid may prevent liver damage

DHA supplements may be more beneficial for your liver.

Omega-3 fatty acids, which are most commonly derived from seafood, help the body perform a number of essential functions. As well as promoting overall brain health, these compounds have been linked to improved mood and can potentially allay symptoms of inflammatory conditions like arthritis. But, if you’re planning to make use of fish oil or other omega-3 fatty acid supplements, the benefits you may enjoy could depend on what you take.

As WebMD notes, there are three main forms of omega-3 fatty acids: EPA, DHA and ALA. And, according to a recent study conducted at Oregon State University, they may not all boast the same advantages for your liver. Liver disease is a widespread issue in the United States, one that is becoming increasingly more prevalent because of the obesity epidemic. The scientists focused on a form of liver disease called nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH), which is characterized by excessive swelling and fibrosis – i.e. scarring – and can prove fatal.

ScienceDaily reports that ample research is being conducted into how omega-3 fatty acid supplementation may help prevent or manage this condition, but few have compared the effectiveness of each specific type. In the new study, the scientists discovered that DHA supplements in particular may be beneficial in treating liver disease symptoms, and could also be taken as a means of prevention.

“DHA was more effective than EPA at attenuating inflammation, oxidative stress, fibrosis and hepatic damage,” the researchers concluded.

Last month, this blog covered another study regarding liver health. Scientists from Srinakharinwirot University in Thailand reportedly discovered that curcumin – the bioactive ingredient in turmeric – could potentially restore healthy liver cells in diabetics.

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