Latest News » Study shows benefits of fruits and vegetables for mood and energy level

Young adults may feel happier, healthier and more relaxed if they eat fruits and vegetables.

If you’ve ever felt particularly slothful after a meal loaded with saturated fats, you can testify that the food you consume can have a substantial impact on how you feel, mentally as well as physically. Back in September, this blog featured a 2010 study revealing how omega-3 fatty acid supplements could potentially dispel a case of the doldrums. More recently, scientists have been investigating the effect that fruits and vegetables can have on physical and emotional well-being.

According to researchers from the University of Otago in New Zealand, eating more fruits and vegetables on a daily basis may help younger individuals feel calmer, happier and generally more energetic. The study involved 281 participants with an average age of 20, all of whom kept a diary in which they had to list how they felt at the end of each day based on 18 adjectives provided – half positive, half negative. They also answered questions about the food they consumed.

Upon reviewing their responses, the researchers determined that participants who ate larger amounts of fruits and vegetables were more likely to describe their days in a positive light. They also found that the amount of fresh produce the young adults consumed could predict how they would feel the following day. This, ScienceDaily reports, helped address the question of cause and effect, as some theorized that upbeat individuals may naturally eat more healthy foods.

This is not the first study to show how nutrient-rich foods that fuel the body also provide nutrition for the brain. With these findings in mind, people who feel run down or anxious may want to consider revamping their diet. While eating whole natural foods is important, omega-3 fatty acid supplements and other dietary supplements may also help address deficiencies that can impact mood, energy and alertness. Click here for information about our omega-3, vitamin and brain support products.