Latest News » Hosting a holiday event? Nutritionists suggest these healthy alternatives

Tempting treats abound this time of year.

Thanksgiving Day wasn't just the start of frenzied holiday shopping – it also marked the beginning of a month-long parade of seasonal goodies. This blog gave you some tips to keep your caloric intake in check on Turkey Day, but don't forget about all of the holiday festivities you'll be attending this month – not to mention the sporadic appearance of gingerbread cookies and other delights on your kitchen table.

Maybe you happen to be hosting a festive event yourself? If so, try to incorporate a few nutrient-rich, low-fat platters. Nutrition expert Joy Dubost told The Huffington Post that she serves up plates of fresh fruits and vegetables. It may not sound that exciting, but many people actually forget how much they enjoy the simple crispness of a piece of red pepper or cauliflower. Letting everyone graze on these raw snacks for a while – with a dip for some extra flavor, of course – will leave them feeling fuller, so they're less likely to go to town on fattier offerings.

For another filling option that is also loaded with vitamins, nutritionist Rachel Begun suggests subbing out classic, butter-heavy mashed potatoes for a vibrant bowl of butternut squash. Not only will this enhance the nutritional value of your meal – it will also add an appealing splash of color to any plate.

According to a recent Gallup poll, Americans believe obesity is the third most pressing health concern facing the country. So, if it's in your hands to encourage healthy eating habits this holiday, why not take advantage of the opportunity? To really get your loved ones on a health-kick, you can even hand out nutritional dietary supplements as stocking-stuffers.

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