Latest News » Benefits of curcumin on par with regular exercise

Exercising can promote heart health, and so can curcumin.

There is no denying that exercising on a regular basis has ample health benefits. As well as helping manage your weight, doing so also stimulates a number of essential bodily processes, and has been clinically shown to promote long-term brain health. But, as crazy as it may seem, researchers have discovered that one nutrient-rich compound may actually be able to replicate the effects of a regular workout.

Heart disease is an serious medical concern facing millions of Americans, and the risk of developing it only increases with age. As we grow older, so do our blood vessels, and these vital body parts become less able to perform simple yet crucial functions like relaxing and expanding. This leads to the development of so-called "stiff" arteries, which may cause high blood pressure.

Aerobic exercise is reportedly known to counteract the natural impairment of this specific vascular endothelial function. And, according to a study published in the journal Nutrition Research last month, taking daily curcumin supplements may have a similar effect, at least among postmenopausal women.

According to the study abstract, researchers from the University of Tsukuba in Japan divided 32 females into three groups. Over eight weeks, one division was required to take a daily dose of curcumin, another took part in moderate aerobic exercise and the third acted as a control. At the beginning and end of that period, scientists performed tests to determine the state of the participants' blood vessels.

Based on these measurements, the researchers determined that aerobic exercise and curcumin consumption had an equally positive effect on the blood vessel function of the postmenopausal subjects.

While this is certainly heartening news, it doesn't mean that nutritional supplements can completely take the place of good old fashioned physical activity. To promote overall health as you age, why not combine the two practices?

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