Latest News » If you’re feeling down, look to your diet

Is the weight of the world on your shoulders? A dietary shift could help.

When your spirits are low, it's tempting to blame a job, relationship or some more intangible source. But, have you considered that your diet may be the culprit?  While poor nutrition may not be the sole cause of your doldrums, studies have shown that meals high in trans fats – like classic fast food favorites – have been linked to higher incidences of depression and other mood-based disorders.

But, thankfully, there are certain food-based compounds that promote overall brain health, and can even help you rebound from a bout of the blues. Omega-3 fatty acids are already known as "brain food" because they facilitate cognitive functions like memory retention and general learning ability. Due to the important role these fats play in brain nutrition, a team of Canadian researchers decided to investigate their psychological benefits as well.

To do that, scientists conducted a behavioral study at McGill University in Montreal in 2010. Over the course of eight weeks, individuals who displayed signs of depression (but without anxiety-related symptoms) were given a nutritional supplement enriched with omega-3 three times daily. The researchers found that, compared to people who took a placebo pill during this time, those who consumed more omega-3 fatty acids displayed a noticeable improvement in mood. In fact, the academics involved in the study said the supplements produced results that were on par with current antidepressant treatments, according to a report from the Canadian Broadcasting Company.

Although omega-3 fatty acids can be found in foods like fish and nuts, lead study author Nancy Frasure-Smith explained that these results could only be applied to supplement forms of these essential compounds. To see information about our omega-3 products, click here.